Things are not always what they seem, and that is what happened on that tragic day. On April 20,1999 a failed bombing and school shooting happened at  Columbine High School. The perpetrators were Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid. They murdered 12 innocent people that had a whole life ahead of them and injured more. We will focusing on the podcast Bearing Witness, that has a three part series that examines on the coverage taken from the massacre. American Tragedy is a documentary that focuses on Sue Kleboid- the mother of one of the perpetrators, while giving her story. Using devices, the media develops an agonizing emotion that’s behind the truth – it can happen anywhere.

5 Deadliest School Mass Shootings
Event        City/State       Setting       Date Killed Injured                        
1Virginia Tech    VA.     University     4/16/07            32                   17
2Sandy Hook    Newton CT      Elementary 12/14/12          27                2
3University of Texas  Austin TX  University   8/1/1966     17        31
4Columbine       Littleton CO     Secondary    4/20/1999       13                        21        
Information gathered from NCBI Disaster Health

School shootings have become a problem throughout America, so much so that they been labeled as an epidemic. Looking at it through a global spectrum, when it comes to the fatalities, Columbine comes in after UT, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech. Despite the numbers, there’s a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

Harris and Klebold had planned it for about a year. On April 20th, they showed up to school with duffel bags. Their initial plan was to leave several tank bombs- two in the cafeteria, a few in the perpetrators vehicles, and the other one in a park. They didn’t detonate and began to attack in the cafeteria and the library.