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Welcome everyone! I am Dr. Kaci O’Donnell, the professor for this course. I am so excited to work with students on this project and to spend a semester rhetorically analyzing true crime. I am confident that these students will create a fun and interactive blog that can reach the ever-growing population of true crime fans! Please subscribe below, and also follow the UTA Department of English on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @utaenglish for featured stories about the department, university, and our students!


Colorado native hosts Josh and Joel take us to Episode 9 of their podcast. The in depth coverage of the massacre that particularly have family who attended that high school and have family ties with Columbine. In the beginning of the podcast, they describe the feeling they got being there for the first time and…


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Below are just some of the thousands of Tiktoks made about Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, ranging from web sleuthing to updates to videos reacting to her parent’s heartbreaking tears. Credit in order of videos: @bridgettematter, @meffqueech, @red.white.and.bethune, @ttdramanews, and @danielle_c_mclean documentary to watch 2020 on abc has covered the case and it is available…

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American Vandal: More than red cherry’s

“Period after emojis? That’s, like, serial killer weird.” Sam Ecklund- season 2 Throughout the course of the series, one thing that is pretty apparently different from your usual true crime documentary on Netflix is the amount of unfiltered language used throughout the show. From the first moment of the show, the word “dick” alone is…

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The People v. O.J. Simpson: Giving Life to an Old Story

Written by Emily, Erin, and Harleigh “The People v O.J. Simpson”, a FX dramatization on Netflix giving their version of the famous O.J. trial that so many people have heard about. As a dramatization the directors and producers have creative freedom when choosing actors, which scenes to depict, and how to depict them. This freedom…

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